Slovenian channels frequency

The Frequency of Slovenian satellite channels

List of Satellite Televisions and channels broadcast Slovenian Programs, provided with satellite name and thier country.
Channel Logo Channel Name Satellite Country
Arena Sport Slovakia Astra 3B Slovakia
Arena Sport Slovakia Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Arena Sport Slovakia Thor 6 Slovakia
Arena Sport 1 HD Thor 6 Slovakia
Digi Sport 1 HD Slovakia Thor 6 Slovakia
Digi Sport 2 HD Slovakia Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
Digi Sport 2 HD Slovakia Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
Digi Sport 3 HD Thor 6 Romania
Digi Sport 3 Slovakia Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
Digi Sport 4 Slovakia Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
Digi Sport 5 Slovakia Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
Digi Sport Slovakia Thor 6 Slovakia
Disney Channel Eutelsat 16A Undefined
Disney Channel Hungary & Czechia Eutelsat 16A Hungary
Duck Astra 3B Slovakia
Duck Thor 5 Slovakia
Fashion Czech Intelsat 10-02 Czech-Republic
Fox Crime Slovenia Intelsat 12 (IS-12) Slovenia
Fox Life Slovenia Intelsat 12 (IS-12) Slovenia
National Geographic HD East Europe Thor 6 United-Kingdom
National Geographic Slovenia Intelsat 12 (IS-12) Slovenia
Sport 1 Eutelsat 16A Undefined
Sport 1 HD Czech Thor 6 Czech-Republic
Sport Klub 3 Slovenia Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
Jim Jam Eutelsat 16A Czech-Republic
JOJ Plus Thor 6 Undefined
Kino Eutelsat 16A Undefined
Markiza Thor 6 Slovakia
Markiza HD Astra 3B Slovakia
Markiza HD Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Markiza HD Thor 6 Slovakia
Markiza International Astra 3B Slovakia
Markiza International Thor 6 Slovakia
Minimax Hungary Eutelsat 16A Hungary
CT 1 HD Eutelsat 16A Czech-Republic
Dajto Thor 6 Slovakia
Dajto HD Astra 3B Slovakia
Dajto HD Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Dajto HD Thor 6 Slovakia
Doma HD Astra 3B Slovakia
Doma HD Thor 6 Slovakia
duck DUT Astra 3B Undefined
duckTV Thor 5 Undefined
Dvojka Thor 6 Slovakia
Dvojka HD Astra 3B Slovakia
Dvojka HD Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Dvojka HD Thor 6 Slovakia
Gold Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
Golica Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
HBO HD Czech Eutelsat 16A Czech-Republic
HBO 2 Central Europe Eutelsat 16A Hungary
HBO 3 Central Europe Eutelsat 16A U.S.A
Jednotka Thor 6 Slovakia
Jednotka HD Astra 3B Slovakia
Jednotka HD Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Jednotka HD Thor 6 Slovakia
Kanal A HD Slovenia Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
Oto Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
Pop Brio Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
Pop HD Slovenia Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
RiK Astra 3B Slovakia
RiK Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Senzi Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Senzi Thor 6 Slovakia
SK 1 SLO Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
SK 2 SLO Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
Slagr Amos 2 Czech-Republic
TA3 Thor 6 Slovakia
TA3 Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
TA3 Thor 6 Undefined
Tuki Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
TV Doma Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
TV Doma Thor 6 Slovakia
TV JOJ +1 HD Astra 3B Slovakia
TV Lux Thor 6 Slovakia
TV Slovenija 1 Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
TV Slovenija 2 HD Eutelsat 16A Slovenia
TV8 SK Intelsat 10-02 Slovakia
Wau Eutelsat 16A Slovakia
Wau Thor 6 Slovakia
Wau HD Astra 3B Slovakia
Wau HD Thor 6 Slovakia