Aragon Sat TV Channel Frequency Astra 1KR

Aragon Sat TV Channel frequency on Astra 1KR Satellite 19.2° East

The Aragon Sat TV channel frequency on Astra 1KR satellite:
To watch Aragon Sat on satellite, Here is the The frequency of Spain TV Aragon Sat channel on Astra 1KR .

Aragon Sat TV Channel frequency on Astra 1KR 19.2° East

H frequency of Aragon Sat TV.
The Aragon Sat channel broadcasts Regional programs, from Spain country in the Spanish language, last updated time on February 15, 2016. Aragon Sat which considered to view as a Free to air satellite TV channel.
  • Channel Name: Aragon Sat TV
  • Satellite: Astra 1KR
  • Position: 19.2° East
  • Encryption: Clear FTA
  • Language:
  • Country: Spain
  • Category:
  • Package: Movistar+ (Astra)
  • Coverage: Astra 1KR
  • Band: Ku Band

    The Frequency of Aragon Sat TV on Astra 1KR :

    Watch Aragon Sat on Astra 1KR Live online for free.
    TV Logo TP Bandwidth VPID PMT TID
    32 ASTRA 1, 33.8 Mbps 160 QPSK 1026 TID:1032
    • Channel Name : Aragon Sat TV
    • Satellite Name :Astra 1KR
    • Frequency : 11685
    • Polarization : Vertical
    • Symbol Rate: 22000 5/6

      Aragon Sat TV Frequencies on satellites:

      TV Logo Channel Satellite Frequency / Pol / SR
      Aragon Sat Astra 1KR 11685 | V | 22000 5/6
      Aragon Sat Hispasat 30W-5 11811 | V | 27500 3/4
      Aragon Sat TV Frequency last updated time on : February 15, 2016

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