Kalemeh TV Channel Frequency Express AM6

Kalemeh TV Channel frequency on Express AM6 Satellite 53.0° East

The Kalemeh TV channel frequency on Express AM6 satellite:
To watch Kalemeh on satellite, Here is the The frequency of Undefined TV Kalemeh channel on Express AM6 .

Kalemeh TV Channel frequency on Express AM6 53.0° East

H frequency of Kalemeh TV.
The Kalemeh channel broadcasts Various programs, from Undefined country in the Undefined language, last updated time on February 24, 2017. Kalemeh which considered to view as a Free to air satellite TV channel.
  • Channel Name: Kalemeh TV
  • Satellite: Express AM6
  • Position: 53.0° East
  • Encryption: Clear FTA
  • Language:
  • Country: Undefined
  • Category:
  • Package: Wide Network Solutions
  • Coverage: Ku-Fixed 2
  • Band: Ku Band

    The Frequency of Kalemeh TV on Express AM6 :

    Watch Kalemeh on Express AM6 Live online for free.
    TV Logo TP Bandwidth VPID PMT TID
    A4 Wide Network Solutions, 25.3 Mbps 2005 QPSK 1005 TID:23000
    • Channel Name : Kalemeh TV
    • Satellite Name :Express AM6
    • Frequency : 12594
    • Polarization : Vertical
    • Symbol Rate: 27500 2/3

      Kalemeh TV Frequencies on satellites:

      TV Logo Channel Satellite Frequency / Pol / SR
      Kalemeh Hot Bird 13E 12558 | V | 27500 3/4
      Kalemeh Express AM6 12594 | V | 27500 2/3
      Kalemeh TV Frequency last updated time on : February 24, 2017

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