Persian channels frequency

The Frequency of Persian satellite channels

List of Satellite Televisions and channels broadcast Persian Programs, provided with satellite name and thier country.
Channel Logo Channel Name Satellite Country
Al Hurra HD Hot Bird 13B U.S.A
BBC Persian Hot Bird 13B United-Kingdom
BBC Persian Eutelsat 7B United-Kingdom
Nat Geo Farsi Yahsat 1A United-Kingdom
Chasse et Peche Intelsat 12 (IS-12) France
France 24 Intelsat 12 (IS-12) France
TV5 Monde Europe Intelsat 12 (IS-12) France
Album Hot Bird 13C Undefined
Central Asia Eutelsat 3B Undefined
Channel One Express AM6 U.S.A
Family 1 Express AM6 Undefined
FRANSAT UHD Eutelsat 5 West A France
Gala Hot Bird 13E United-Kingdom
Ganj e Hozour Hot Bird 13E Undefined
GEM Classic Hot Bird 13E United-Kingdom
Hidayah Persian Hot Bird 13B Undefined
Hod Hod Farsi Hot Bird 13E Undefined
ICM Eutelsat 7B Undefined
iFilm Nilesat 201 Iran
iFilm English Eutelsat 3B Iran
Imam Hussein Hot Bird 13B Iran
Imam Hussein Express AM6 Iran
Iran Aryaee Hot Bird 13B U.S.A
Iran As Movie Hot Bird 13B Undefined
Iran As Movie Eutelsat 7B Undefined
Iran Network Hot Bird 13C U.S.A
Iran Network Eutelsat 7B U.S.A
Iran Today Eutelsat 3B Undefined
IRIB 1 Hot Bird 13B Iran
Irib Nasim Hot Bird 13B Iran
IRIB Quran Hot Bird 13B Iran
IR ICE Hot Bird 13B Undefined
IR ICE Eutelsat 7B Undefined
IR Pixel Hot Bird 13B Undefined
IR Pixel Eutelsat 7B Undefined
Kalemeh Farsi Eutelsat 25B Undefined
Khane Film Eutelsat 7B Undefined
Khane Honarmandan Eutelsat 7B Undefined
Lalish Hot Bird 13B Undefined
Manoto HD Eutelsat 7B Undefined
Manoto 1 Hot Bird 13E United-Kingdom