Politics channels frequency

The Frequency of Politics satellite channels

List of Satellite Televisions and channels broadcast Politics Programs, provided with satellite name and thier languages.
Channel Logo Channel Name Satellite Language
NPO Politiek Astra 3B Dutch
LCP HD Eutelsat 5 West A French
LCP La Chaine Parlementaire Hot Bird 13E French
Al Hurra HD Badr 4 Undefined
Al Hurra HD Hot Bird 13B Persian
Camera dei Deputati Hot Bird 13C Italian
Bundeswehr Hot Bird 13E German
Bundeswehr Eutelsat 7 West A German
Oireachtas Astra 2E English
Parliament Eutelsat 8 West B English
RTV Novi Pazar Hellas Sat 2 Serbian
TV Republika Hot Bird 13C Polish
Al Masirah Eutelsat 8 West B Arabic
Assembleia Intelsat 11 Undefined
Canal Congreso SES-6 Spanish
Channel One Express AM6 Persian
Gubernija Express AM6 Russian
Iran Aryaee Hot Bird 13B Persian
LCP HD Astra 1N French
LCP HD Eutelsat 5 West A French
L`Espoir Nilesat 201 Undefined
Lualua Eutelsat 3B Arabic
Lualua Eutelsat 8 West B Arabic